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Have you met Al and Millie Richardson, and the rest of the folks in Goose Creek, Kentucky? Take my word for it - they're a lot of fun! Ask anyone who's visited Goose Creek and they'll tell you they want to go back again and again. 

Now's your chance to immerse yourself in the antics of Al, Millie, Susan, Justin, Tuesday Love, Mayor Selbo, Lulu and the rest of the Creekers without spending a lot of money. All five eBooks in the Tales from the Goose Creek B&B are on sale until the end of August at YOUR favorite eBook retailer. A couple of them are 75% off the regular price! You can buy them individually, or get all five eBooks for less than $9! That's a crazy awesome sale! These books will bring you hours of reading pleasure. Don't believe me? Check out these reviews:

"...With an engaging storyline that is at times laugh-out-loud funny and unforgettable characters, this feel-good novel is a sure bet for readers seeking an uplifting and humorous tale." -- Library Journal starred review, Pick of the Month for September 2015

"Smith has written a lovely book about a town readers will want to visit over and over again." --CBA Retailers+Resources

"This book was funny and it was charming."

"Utterly charming!"

"I love this book! Al and Millie have a sweet relationship that will relate to any couple's old or new. The town they live in has a stars-hollow vibe, where it is small and full of character. It is a simple and quick read that emotes a feel good energy the whole way through." -- Amazon Reader


"What a delightful book!!! It's a fresh, totally enjoyable series... Definitely FIVE STARS!!!" -- Amazon Reader


"The title caught my attention. It's witty, like many sections of this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book." -- Amazon Reader


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