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If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear!

I've had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented narrators lately to record audio of many of my books. Lauren Holladay performed the Sister-to-Sister series, Sarah Kate performed the Seattle Brides series (which I co-authored with Lori Copeland), Logan Harper recorded The Amish Widower, and Cecily White is in the process of producing the third book in the Amish of Apple Grove. Of course the Tales of the Goose Creek B&B books were previously recorded by the talented Becky Doughty, and The Days of Noah was beautifully read by Erin Novotny.


Do you or someone you know listen to audiobooks? If so, I've got a great opportunity for you! I have a number of free download codes from Audible, and I'm giving them away! I do have a couple of requests:

  • Please don't ask for a free download code if you don't intend to use it. (Some people enter every drawing they find on the internet whether they're interested or not!) Instead, save the code for someone who will use it.
  • Yes, you must have an Audible account to get the audiobook. It's an online MP3, not downloadable. But the account is free to sign up, and you can listen from a variety of devices - your computer, your tablet, your smart phone.
  • When you listen to the book, please post an honest review on and I do mean honest.
  • If you like the book, please tell someone. I'd love it if you'd request the audiobook from your local library. Or tell your audio-listening friends! 


When I run out of codes, I'll remove this page. (I'll come up with another Reader Fun thing to do.) 

To request your free audio code, please fill out the form below. Tell me the email address for Audible to use to send a link to download or listen online. And tell me which book you'd like to listen to. (You can also request any of the Goose Creek books or The Days of Noah. See the Audiobook page for a list of all my audiobooks.)

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