Inspirational Speaking

Virginia Smith is an entertaining and spiritually encouraging speaker. She loves to exemplify God's truth by comparing real life situations to well-known works of fiction. Her talks frequently draw upon her own life experiences.

"She keeps her audience enthralled through her high-energy presentation," says Pastor Amy Barkman, director of Voice Of Joy Ministries.

Virginia Smith SpeakingGinny shares her personal experiences and insights with poignant candor and humor as she strives to be an instrument of God's grace and mercy to those who hear her speak. She delights in encouraging her audiences with her high-energy style and her conviction that God can make a difference in every life. A Certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church, Ginny's messages are well-received by a variety of audiences in conferences, retreats, and churches across the country.

Able to tailor a presentation to a specific event's needs, some of her favorite topics have been:

  • Surrender your Dream - After twenty years of unsuccessful attempts to break into publication, Virginia Smith surrendered her tattered dream to God. Only then was she able to write the book He intended to use to reach others with the message of His life-changing power. The inspiring story of her journey to submission and success will encourage all to commit themselves to the Lord.

  • Rumplestiltskin: A Story Of Grace - A powerful talk in which Ginny compares her own experience as a victim of child abuse to the heroine who cannot spin straw into gold in the fairy tale, "The Miller's Daughter."

  • Help! I Married a Stepfather! - Drawing on her own experiences, Ginny outlines 5 marital hazards associated with remarriage and children, and identifies Biblical sources of help for each.

  • Claiming Solomon's Throne - Like Solomon of old, God gives each of us tasks to accomplish for Him. We all have different gifts, abilities, talents, likes, dislikes, and life experiences. God knows us intimately, and He gives us tasks for which we're uniquely qualified. (To view an excerpt from this message, see the video below.)Virginia Smith Speaking Star Trek

  • Biblical Parallels In Star Trek - Can there be anything biblical in the popular sci-fi series? Prepare to be surprised as Ginny shows brief clips from Star Trek episodes and identifies Biblical comparisons.


To inquire about having Ginny speak at your event, send an inquiry using the Contact page. Fees are dependent upon each event's requirements.

Schools and Conferences

Ms. Smith is a frequent speaker at schools, universities, and professional writing conferences. She will tailor a session to meet an event's needs and time constraints. Popular sessions she has conducted include:

  • The Myths of a Career in Writing - Million Dollar Advances! Bestseller Lists! Appearances on Oprah! The life of a professional writer is full of glamour and big royalty checks, right? In this session Virginia Smith details an insider's view of the publishing industry. She'll talk about landing that first contract, the editorial process, the impact of the marketing department on the finished book, realistic financial expectations, and more.

  • Popular Literature in the Twenty-First Century - Fiction has undergone a change in recent decades, impacted by technological advances and shifts in American culture. In this session, Virginia Smith discusses the reasons behind the changes in popular literature, the distinctive features of fiction genres, and the impact of technology on the publishing industry.

  • Creative Writing Series - Each of these 45-minute sessions will focus on the technical aspects of fiction writing, illustrated by popular movies and novels. Can be presented individually or as a continuing series.·
    • Elements of a Story - a discussion of Setting, Character, and Plot
      Structure of a Successful Story - A detailed look at the three-act structure, and techniques to create a gripping plotWriting

    • Basics - Where does my story start? What does "Show, Don't Tell" mean? What is passive writing? What's wrong with adverbs, anyway? This session addresses these fiction writing basics and more.

    • Writing Funny Fiction - Humorous writing goes beyond telling jokes. This session discusses techniques for effective humor in fiction, including Anatomy of a Joke, Understatement, Overstatement, and more.

  • Young Writer Series - Each of these 45-minute sessions is appropriate for fourth through sixth grades.
    • Persuasive Writing - This hands-on session covers nine techniques for writing persuasively.

    • Am I Too Young to Write? - This session provides an introduction to various writing styles, topics and potential publication markets for young writers.


    To inquire about having Ginny speak at your school or conference, send an inquiry using the Contact page.

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